Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs are a way to support local farms while making an impact with your food dollar!

Our CSA Program offers a seasonal membership to the consumer. This membership is much like owning stock in the farm for a season. With a Standard CSA Share, we provide a box of produce to your family once a week for a 12 week period during the peak of the growing season. This produce box is filled with the freshest, most abundant produce available.

Market-style members can begin ordering as soon as we have produce available!

What's So Great About Being a Part of a CSA Program?

Fresh Food!! You will never find food that is more fresh than that provided direct from the farmer! Usually our food is harvested the same day of delivery, ensuring maximum nutrient density, flavor, shelf life and overall quality.

CSA's Lessen Your Food Footprint. These days our food travels for, literally, thousands of miles before it arrives in our home, being handled by numerous companies or individuals along the way. By purchasing direct from the farm, your food travels a minimal distance and is handled only by our veggie-loving staff.

They Challenge You To Try New Things. Many of our past customers have said that one of their favorite parts of joining a CSA is that they have been challenged to try things that they had never heard of before, to find new recipes and to eat healthier overall.

You Get to Support Local Business. We all know that our communities are better and stronger when the businesses there are thriving and when our tax dollars stay close to home. And, did we mention it's fresh?!

Community. Many of our CSA members have found community with other like-minded individuals. We welcome our CSA members to join us for an open house on the farm once a year to connect, experience and see where we do what we do.

How Does a CSA Impact Farmers?

Many of the expenses associated with running a small farm occur in the spring, by purchasing a CSA membership, you help the farmer to cover these costs up front, when they need it the most.Additionally, farmer's have a secured market for the food they are growing and get to meet their customers face-to-face rather than shipping their product off to a store somewhere.

What Are The Different Types of Membership?

We offer two different membership types. 

1- Standard= This is a traditional CSA model where we build your box weekly from a variety of items that are fresh that week. See below for sample boxes.

2- Market Style= This membership offers more flexibility as you purchase a balance up front that you spend throughout the season. You will custom build your box each week on our website by hand-picking from our current availability. Online orders are placed prior to noon on Sunday for delivery that Monday. Your balance may also be used at any of our Farmer's Market locations.

When Does it Start?

Our Standard CSA program begins sometime in July. If you have ever grown anything in South Dakota, then you know that our weather can be a little...um...unpredictable at times (usually). For this reason, we do not set a firm date for when our season will begin, but will send updates via email when the time gets close. Plan to begin sometime in July! Once the season begins you will receive weekly boxes for the next consecutive 12 weeks. Rest assured we will begin as soon as we can!

Market-style members will be able to begin ordering as soon as produce becomes available. There is always the option to add additional credit to your account if the season runs longer than expected. 

Where Do I Get My Box?

With the closures of various businesses, our pickup locations are uncertain and subject to change.

Currently we plan to have two Rapid City pickup locations: 

Monday, 5-7 PM at Breadroot Local Foods Cooperative, 100 East Blvd N, Rapid City, SD 57701

Wednesday, 10 AM-12 PM at the Black Hills Farmer's Market on Omaha Street, 245 E Omaha St, Rapid City, SD 57701

Onsite farm pickup will also be available during these times.

We ask that you select your primary pickup location during checkout. Times/days can be modified later as necessary.

Home delivery may be available at an additional fee, but is not guaranteed throughout the entire season.

What Can I Expect in My Box Each Week?

We grow a wide variety of vegetables on our farm. We strive to provide as much variety as possible throughout the season. Our product availability is always changing as the weather changes and crop successes and failures occur. For this reason we do not guarantee any specific crop. Here are a couple of sample boxes from our 2018 season:

Cherry Tomatoes (pint)

Seascape Strawberries (pint)

Salad Mix (1/2#)

Green Curly Kale

Fortex Green Beans (1#)

Corinto Cucumbers (2)

Napoli Carrots

Parade Green Onions

Heirloom Tomatoes

1/2# Salad Mix

Parade Green Onions

2# Heirloom Tomatoes

Cherry Tomatoes (pint)

Green Curly Kale

2 Corinto Cucumbers

Seascape Strawberries (pint)

2 Gilboa Orange Peppers

Savor Charentais Melon

Music Garlic

1/4# Genovese Basil

What If I Can't Pick my Box Up One Week?

If you will not be available to pick up your box on a certain week we ask that you try to warn us in advance. If your box is unclaimed it will be donated to a local needy family. If planned in advance, we will offer a makeup box on a later week in the season.

One of the best things you can do if you are unable to pickup your box one week is to send a friend or family member in your stead. We know they would just love you for it!!

How Do I Sign Up?

We use a third-party website to help us manage our CSA members and orders. This store is imbedded into our current website under the 'CSA' tab. You will need to create an account to purchase a CSA membership. Payment is due at the time of purchase. If you would prefer to pay by check, or need a payment plan, please call us to make arrangements (605)545-0852. 

What is a Tote Fee?

We will no longer be charging tote fees. We have included this fee with the price of the CSA. 

What is an Add-on Credit?

An Add-on Credit is for Market-style members that love our produce so much that they have used up their CSA balance early in the season and would like to add additional funds to their account.

I'm Still Not Sure I'll Like It.

CSA pragrams are not for everyone, but if you're still interested we encourage you to give it a try! If you are not satisfied with our CSA program we will make it right! Your satisfaction is why we do what we do!

Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have!
Deidre: 605-545-0852